What people are saying about us


I originally found Jamie through Wedding Wire when I got engaged in August of 2013. We met in October of 2013 to do a makeup trial and we ended up just totally hitting it off! I booked her for my wedding and for facials leading up to my wedding day. During that time, I started noticing a huge change in my skin. I switched from the drug store Neutrogena products that I had always used to the Epicuren line that she recommended and over 5 years later, I've never looked back! I continue to see Jamie every 3-4 months for regular facials and my skin always looks amazing.

-Denise S


There are facials and then there is the ultimate facial experience with Jamie. If you are looking to improve your complexion, mind and soul then look no further. She really takes her time to adjust your regimen with consideration of your skin goals and seasonal changes. Unlike other places where you immediately break- out, your face will glow and feel like velvet. On top of her quality product choices, she always advises what she is using and the purpose behind it. Wait there is more...her signature facial massages will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to face the world! Consider it a 2 for 1 treatment process. I am happy to support this female small biz owner!

-Nikki M


Jamie is AMAZING! I have known and loved her for years! She gives the best facial! My skin has come such a long way - thanks to Jamie! She knows skin! I highly recommend the products she uses as well. I have seen huge improvements in my skin's texture, elasticity and my acne is gone! She always makes me feel relaxed and comfortable - I look forward to my monthly facial! Love walking out with a gorgeous glow that lasts for days!

-Amanda H


Jamie did such a beautiful job on all our makeup on my wedding day. My grandmother wanted eyelashes and a full face of makeup but worried about looking older, and she looked absolutely stunning!!! Jamie did a wonderful job on my grandmother, mom, mother in law and sister/ moh who wanted dramatic makeup to match her dress and she looked amazing! I wasn't feeling well that day and Jamie did a fantastic job on my makeup, I was so happy!!!! I've never felt so pretty!

-Louisa B


I’ve been fortunate enough to have used Jamie's services for many years now (makeup & facials). Trusting someone with my skin is very important, especially when it's your face! Prior to meeting her, I always thought facials were just a "feel good" service, and didn't realize they can provide you with immediate and undoubtedly long term results. I am now in my early 30's and had this epiphany that I really need to start caring for my skin better, because I'm noticing signs of aging! It was to the point where I felt like it was time for Botox. That's when I decided to see her again for a facial. Yet again, she continued to remind me and educate me of what my individual skin needs are.

-Grace B


I've had my makeup done by Jamie twice now. The first time I was a bridesmaid in a friend's wedding and she did a fantastic job. I had to book her for my own wedding. Not only did I love what she did for me, she killed the looks for my bridesmaids and moms. Everyone in my bridal party had different skin tones, eye-shapes, and preferences with their makeup. She really listens to what each person is comfortable with and is great at suggesting what will look good on you. I love the work she does and highly recommend her for anyone looking for a flawless look for any special occasion.
(PS. I wanted a red lip that stayed on all night and that's what I got!)

-Pia W